Warehouse Management System

New Perspective Warehouse Management System | New Perspective WMS

New Perspective Warehouse Management System has been developed from 1997, and applied into use from 1998. Its newest version is 2.0. Customers like to use it for its friendly User Interface (UI) and useful Management Functions.

In order to protect copyright, National Copyright Administration has issued a Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate for our New Perspective Warehouse Management System.

Features of New Perspective WMS are as follows:

The following are some screenshots of the system:

1. Log in.

After input correct password, user can log in the system.


2. Warehouse list.

The system enables user to browse, add, change, delete and find records of all products in warehouse. All fields of records can be seen in the browse area. The edit area is designed intelligently, so as to help user manage records effectively. For example, quantity field of record can not be change in the Warehouse List function.

Warehouse list

3. Store products in warehouse.

When products are bought, they need to be stored into warehouse. With help of the system, information, such as date, operator, index, name, quantity and so on, can be store in computer. Regulars of index can be designed according to the need of customers.

Store products in warehouse

4. Take products out from warehouse.

When products are sold, they need to be taken out from warehouse. User can add, change, delete, find and browse output records of products in the system. The system provides Help and Technical note functions to meet the need of user.

Take products out from warehouse

5. Stock list inquiry.

Sometimes, user need to inquiry stock list by some characteristics of product. The system provides combination condition for user to inquiry stock list. Inquiry results are shown on the monitor, and can be printed in real time.

Store products in warehouse

6. Option.

With the option function, user can change initial data such as operator and index, password, date of report data, and data reserved policy. This function promotes efficiency of user, reduces workload of user, enhance safety of user data.


7. Contact us.

To serve our customers effectively, the system provides service telephone number, fax number and email address.

Contact us